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Gigi G.  1/3/2020

Best retail customer service in Vegas. We were staying at the Cosmo, which had an incredible tub so I decided to grab some bath goodies at Skins 62 for a pampering soak.

They have a terrific selection of unique and high-quality skin, fragrance and beauty products, plus a fantastic candle assortment (Diptyque being my favorite).

But the best was the customer service. I wish I could remember her name - but there was a young saleswoman who went above and beyond to pull together an incredibly decadent spa treatment - without costing me a fortune. She located a wonderfully soothing, cooling, moisturizing mask, complete with matching bath salts and scented candle. When I requested the matching bath oil - they were sadly out - but instead of throwing up her hands she poured 5 HUGE samples of a similar, but much more expensive, oil into sample containers free of charge.

Needless to say I was treated exceptionally well and with great attention. She made an effort that turned a silly afternoon bath into something fun and luxurious, and I will definitely shop at this store again next time I'm in Vegas. Thank you!

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Jane W.  2/7/2020

Heard of the store from a friend, bought some nice shampoo and a diamond peeling gel from a brand called forever flawless.
Used it only twice but I ready love it.
Thanks skins 62!!

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Danielle O.  9/29/2019

After an hour and a half and one super gentle facial treatment i can honestly say - "Life is Beautiful!"
My husband took me to the cosmo for a night out in town, in the morning someone called to our room and told me my skin care specialist is waiting and i should come down to the store. I was so excited i forgot to tell him i'm leaving :-), this store is nothing less than a spa, the second you walk in the scents and the beautiful mirrors and lights catches you, Lynda greeted me and took me for a skin treatment, wanted to say thank you guys, beautiful store and great skin products, picked myself a beauty pack to go (why not??) :-)

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Riley J.  8/9/2019

Been living in Las Vegas for a couple of years and I'm looking for a long time for a store with high end skin/hair/nail products.
A friend sent me to skins 62.
Products are amazing but pricey.....
Will be back for sure.
Great service, great quality and stunning store.

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Oron S.  6/29/2019

I just bought the treatment for the eyes from skin 62 . It's based on diamonds powder and it has colagen inside. The store was very impressive and clean, the staff is professional and kind . The first results are very good, I will write again in a few weeks and let you know how it's worked for me.

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Bunny G.  11/13/2018

Fabulous boutique located in the Cosmopolitan shops features upscale hard to find beauty products, fragrances, makeup, lotions, and candles.  I was surprised to see so many special products like Santa Maria Novella the Italian luxurious brand started in the 16th century. Skins store is very popular in Amsterdam where the store originated.

You can also find a famous French brand called Diptyque. Famous for their slow burning candles and colognes which can only be found in high end retailers like Nieman or their own shops in selected cities.

Creed which is a brand that has made colognes for royalty and famous starlet icons such as Audrey Hepburn is here and used by many celebrities such as Julia Roberts.

Lolia can be hard to find but it's here with it's cute fabulous shabby chic flowery packaging and it's gluten free.

All of these fragrance's have one thing in common they are manufactured using high end essential oils not synthetic ingredients so you pay more for the quality products.

Expensive but worth it.

We bought a few hard to find items and what is so fabulous about this shop is you don't have to go into several stores to find these products, they're all in one spot. It's like a mini Nieman Marcus/Saks beauty counter but without the snobby customer service.  

I'll be back, don't miss this secret find!

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