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Found at the heart of Las Vegas, sits a high-end boutique that focuses on exclusive beauty products. Whether you’re looking for the latest innovation in skin care or hard-to-find cosmetics, Skins 6|2 has what you need. We pride ourselves in offering a vast range of merchandises for professionals and novices.

At Skins 6|2, you’ll find makeup, hair care products, luxury candles, and fragrances that you can’t find anywhere else. With high-end lifestyle in mind, we stay true to the finer things in life as shoppers browse our boutique to find a wide selection of pieces.

There’s not another store in Las Vegas like Skins 6|2 as we continue to represent brands that favor luxury. Every item found in Skins 6|2 goes to the next level as everything is deemed the best of the best.

Everything found in our store has a story to tell. This is why customers have the chance to find a deep appreciation for their unique collections. Many of our notable products: Creed, Kevyn Aucoin, Supergoop, Ellis Faas, Forever Flawless, Maison Francis Kurkjian, Montale, Julliette Has A Gun, and much more!

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